Presenter: Ihor Reznik, Coordinator of International Projects / International Charitable Foundation «INSHE ZHITTIA» (granted project of UNODC, that provides drug abuse prevention and promotion of healthy lifestyle and well-being)

If your New Year’s resolutions from last year have gone unresolved, you’re not alone.

Now a new year offers another opportunity to achieve your goals, and this workshop should help you keep to your New Year’s Resolutions.

New Year’s Resolution is a very ancient ritual, in which a person makes a promise to do an act of self-improvement or something slightly nice, such as love people beginning from New Year’s Day, to help people in need more often, or to become more environmentally responsible.

There is no greater time than New Year to begin to live Your Dreams.

So, this month we are discussing how to embody our dreams into the reality.

Many people feel as if they’re adrift in the world. They work hard, but they don’t seem to get anywhere worthwhile. A key reason that they feel this way is that they haven’t spent enough time thinking about what they want from life, and haven’t set themselves formal goals. But you can make your dreams come true if you put in the effort and make a reasonable New Year’s Resolution.

The techniques we are going to discuss are used by successful business-people, entrepreneurs, top-level athletes, and achievers in all fields. They will focus your acquisition of knowledge, and helps you to organize your time and your resources so that you can make the very best of your life.

The workshop is organized by Initiative Group «ReLife» (

The Initiative Group «ReLife» often conducts topical seminars and discussion clubs to help people to reveal their potentiality and leadership traits. For this reason we elaborated the course «Development for Success» to give an insight into the effective techniques of overcoming present day challenges facing people, and enabling them to develop efficiently in their communities. During the classes participants are encouraged to think critically about decision making as factors promoting personal responsibility and well-being. They are motivated to set short and long term goals, and inspired to take a Career-guidance test to identify their genuine calling in life, as well as to choose the best suitable position.

So, if you want to know how to make your dreams come true?

You are welcome!

Participation is free of charge.

Working language: English

Registration : (093) 010-70-27, or

Wish you a Good Week and a Happy New Year ahead!

Address: English Teaching Resource Center
at the English Department of National University of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy”
sponsored by the Public Affairs Section, U.S. Embassy
2 Skovorody St., Building #3, entrance #2, 1st floor, room 121
(Kontraktova Ploshcha metro station)
Tel: (044) 238-6610

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