The projects were aimed at creating and developing a network of access centers for e-government services in modern libraries in Dnipropetrovsk oblast and closer involvement of the authorities in the work of these centers. Cooperation was established between modern libraries in the region and representatives of local authorities (district and lower levels), which contributed to the development of a network of public access centerss to e-government services in modern libraries. For the project implementation the Center “Tamarisk” partnered with Dnipropetrovsk Regional Universal Scientific Library and the Department of Information Technologies and E-Government at Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration.

Librarians, government officials, NGOs and journalists were trained on practical skills of using e-government services available in Ukraine and oblast. In total, about 150 people were trained. An advertising campaign (articles, leaflets, promotional videos on e-government, etc.) was conducted to disseminate information about e-government services available in Ukraine and oblast.

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