• “Establishing High-Quality Interaction between NGOs and the Media in Dnipropetrovsk Region” with support of International Renaissance Foundation.

We held training “Peculiarities of CSOs Activities and their Coverage in the Local Media” for local media managers with participation of experts from leading non-governmental organizations. Also the following 3 round tables with participation of representatives of non-governmental organizations and local media managers were held:

    • “Interaction of Non-Governmental Organizations and the Media as a Factor of Ensuring Transparency of Democratic Processes in the Context of Social and Political Changes in Ukraine”.
    • “Social Projects as One of the Mechanisms for Establishing Actual Interaction between Non-Governmental Organizations, Government, Business and the Media”.
    • “Mechanisms of Cooperation between CSOs and the Media for Ensuring Transparency of CSOs Activities in Dnipropetrovsk Region”.
  • “New Media Prospects for Development of Local Media” with support of International Renaissance Foundation.

The project was aimed at promotion of new media among journalists and editors of local traditional media, training the interested journalists on working with blogs, consulting them on creating their own websites, collective blogs, and using other web technologies. The project also involved providing representatives of local traditional media with a platform for creating their own websites and collective blogs. Local media managers mainly from small towns and rural areas of Dnipropetrovsk oblast attended:

    • practical seminar “New Media Prospects for Development of Local Media”;
    • training “Using Blogs in Local Media Activities”.

When implementing the project, awareness of local media representatives on the use of new media was increased; 50 representatives of local media participated in educational events and received advice on creating and promoting website, using blogs and other issues of using internet technologies.

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