Representatives of the Center “Tamarisk” took an active part in all activities of the joint project with partners on institutional development of the Hub Network of Civil Society of Ukraine. Joint working meetings, Skype conferences, trainings, educational visits to share experiences were held. Institutional documents and strategies of the Hub Network were developed.
The third working meeting of the Network was organized and held in Dnipro city. As a result of the meeting the project implementation was analyzed, communication strategy was approved, the list of services and concept of the Network’s annual report were agreed. During the meeting Workshop “Sources of Financing for NGOs. Commercial Services for Public Areas. Working on Fundraising Strategy” was held.
The experts of the Center “Tamarisk” prepared Handbook “Civil Society: Questions and Answers” as part of the project. The creative group created rap “We are the Network”.
The following events were held:
– 3 trainings for CSOs: “Fundamentals of Facilitation”, “Social Project Management”, “Storytelling as a Tool for Community Development”.
– Training “Sand Retreat: the Way from Stress to Development” for soldiers who come back after military actions, members of their families, volunteers.
– Seminar “Exchange of Experience in Working with IDPs of the Heads of CSOs of Dnipropetrovsk oblast with civil society activists from 7 oblasts of Ukraine.”
The final event of the project was a press conference in Dnipro city “Why do Ukrainians Need Civil Society Organizations, and What Happens when they Unite in a Network?”. During that press conference HUB Network of Ukraine was presented.

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