The purpose of the project: to raise awareness of at least 200 students of Dnipro higher educational institutions as for civil society sector and involvement in active civic activities through information and education programs and mass events.

The following information and education campaign was held: flash mobs in the rap format: “And What Can You Do for Tomorrow? Discover New Opportunities”, “Young People Care for the Events around Us”, “What You Will Never Learn at Higher Educational Institution. Join Us.” More than 800 flyers “Student Ticket to the Future” were distributed. 2 groups of students (60 people) for participating in the training course “Civic Education”, and 2 groups (40 people) for participating in the training program were formed.
As a result of education course the students gained theoretical knowledge and skills on civil society and CSO activities, structure and powers of government authorities, the principles of forming state and local budgets, as well as the opportunities to get financing for their idea – “participation budget”. The participants talked to the leaders of the main CSOs of the region.

The participants gained knowledge and skills on civic activity, developed interesting projects, learned to defend their rights in practice, including in situations related to corruption, at the trainings “Activities of Non-Government Organizations and Opportunities for Development”, “Development of Social Projects”, “Equality of Rights, Freedoms and Opportunities”, “Anti-Corruption Workshop for Students”.

The following events were held to activate the students: forum-theater “My Rights are My Protection”, the quest “I Influence the Life and Development of the Society Where I Live”, the student forum “We Create our Future Ourselves”.

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