The purpose of the project was to promote implementing National Strategy of Civil Society Development in Ukraine in Dnipropetrovsk oblast through information and education campaign, assistance in establishing coordination council at Regional State Administration and development of regional program to support civil society.

An extensive information and education campaign was conducted which included 10 information sessions in cities and district centers of the oblast (234 participants) and press conference “Strategic Session on Creation of the Strategy of Development of Civil Society in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast will Be Held in Dniprpetrovsk Oblast”.

In order to involve the public in creation of “Strategy of Development of Civil Society in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast”, a Strategic Session (130 participants) was held, during which more than 240 specific proposals were developed. Civil Society experts prepared draft of the Regional Program, which was publicly discussed.

Round table “Discussion of the Project of Civil Society Development Programs in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast for 2017-2020” and press conference on “Results of Strategic Session on Civil Society Development in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast” were held.

The draft program received a positive conclusion by the standing commission of Regional Council, and was adopted at the session of Dnipropetrovsk Regional Council on December 2, 2016.

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