The Center “Tamarisk” took part in a partnership project “Conflict Resolution and Overcoming Polarization in Ukraine”, which was implemented in Ukraine by the Center for Humanitarian Dialogue and the Institute for Peace and Common Ground.

The Center “Tamarisk” experts gained important experience in using dialogue as a tool in conflict resolution. Dialogue meetings were held between the rural communities of two villaged of Dnipropetrovsk district: Gorky and Shevchenko, as a result of which the participants came to the conclusion that it is necessary to create a body of self-organization of population in the village of Gorky, which does not have a village council.

The project was also attended by experts from BSOP Resource Center, who conducted a seminar on creation and operation of BSOP. The body of self-organization of the population in the village of Gorky was created and began to operate.

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