The project was aimed at developing and supporting local communities in cities and rural areas of Dnipropetrovsk oblast by training civic activists in the Fourth School of Positive Changes, and creating a network of experts to support civil society involvement. 

The participants of the program developed competencies of experts, facilitators and trainers, experienced communicative and educational activities, interacted within expert networks to form the basis for their activities in local communities.

7 trainings on community activation, project development, communications, public expertise, facilitation basics, training for trainers were conducted. 166 consultations on CSO establishment and operation, 8 meetings of the Positive Change Club, 10 expert visits to organizations, 13 community events were conducted by school graduates.

Civil society activists from Dnipropetrovsk oblast hold three visits to the city of Lviv, during which numerous meetings with active civil society organizations and bodies of self-organization of population from Lviv took place. In response, representatives of civil society organizations from Lviv, Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk paid a friendly visit to Dnipro city to exchange experience.

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