The objective of the project is to increase the professional level and engagement of CSOs in Dnipropetrovsk oblast through educational programs, advising on topical issues, information and communication activities, exchange of best practices for solving local problems.

7 trainings on project development and management, public relations, use of the latest media, basics of facilitation and civil society expertise were conducted. 143 representatives of CSOs and initiative groups gained relevant knowledge and skills during those trainings. More than 200 consultations and 9 expert visits to CSOs to provide methodological and expert assistance were held.
9 meetings of Positive Change Club, a joint meeting with Dnipropetrovsk Press Club for Reforms and a press conference were held. In total, representatives of 87 civil society organizations of Dnipropetrovsk oblast participated in the project.
All this facilitated creating new CSOs, increasing the efficiency of existing organizations, creating partnerships, strengthening information exchange between CSOs in the region, increasing the influence of some CSOs on solving current problems at the local level in rural areas.

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