The project was aimed at creating conditions for systematic informational and methodological support for transformation of cultural institutions in villages and small towns of Dnipropetrovsk oblast into local centers of civil society activity. The project activities included:
– 2 trainings “Project Development” and “Methods of Consultations on Partnership of Cultural Institutions and CSO, and Creation of Centers for Local Activity on the Basis of Cultural Institutions”. A group of 12 trainers-consultants were trained. They conducted the first local training sessions on project development and started consulting activities.
– Seminar “Development of Local Communities and Transformation of Cultural Institutions into Centers for Local Activity” for representatives of district councils of Dnipropetrovsk oblast.
– Presentation “Development of the Cultural Sector in Terms of Social Partnership” during the regional seminar for cultural workers of Dnipropetrovsk oblast.
– Press conference “Success Stories of Cooperation between Civil Society Organizations and Cultural Institutions for the Benefit of Communities.”

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