The goal of the project was to create conditions for systematic budget support for social projects of civil society organizations of Dnipropetrovsk city through implementing the mechanism of social service procurement. The following strategy was implemented:

    • collection and analysis of information on existing practices of implementing social project competitions in Kharkiv city and other cities of Ukraine;
    • development, discussion and lobbying of proposals for implementing the competitive mechanisms of budget allocation for implementing the social projects of civil society organizations in Dnipropetrovsk city;
    • information campaign aimed at promotion of effective approaches to solving local problems and competitive mechanisms of budget allocation for the implementing social projects of CSOs.

Experts from partner organizations of Dnipropetrovsk region joined the project, and representatives of 27 civil society associations of the region participated in it. One of the main partners of the project was Odessa Public Institute of Social Technologies.

We learned the best practices of social service procurement in Ukraine, held round tables, seminars, a press conference, and prepared a package of draft documents to adopt a social service procurement in Dnipropetrovsk city. These documents were circulated for the public comment and lobbying. On July 29, 2011 the Sixth Meeting of Dnipropetrovsk City Council decided to introduce a mechanism for social service procurement in Dnipro city (Decision No. 60/14 dated 29.07.2011).

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