The need to implement the project was caused by low level of development of non-governmental organizations sector at the district and rural levels due to the lack of necessary information on creation and operation of CSOs, their role in civil life, opportunities to attract resources, etc.

The project involved training for a group of methodology advisers, creation of informational and advisory centers for CSOs on the basis of district cultural institutions. The project also included constant provision of such IACs with necessary information and methodological literature. As a result of the project the network of informational and advisory centers was expanded to 20 ones, which facilitated creation of civil society organizations (CSOs). We trained 22 methodology advisers on management, fundraising, PR technologies as well as on organization of the activities of IACs and provision of information and advisory services to regional CSOs. Informational and advisory centers were provided with training manuals, legal documents, information on activities of donor organizations and CSOs in Ukraine. About 60 non-profit organizations (287 consultations) contacted Center for Civic and Cultural Initiatives Support for informational and advisory support. We created a mechanism for information and methodological support of non-profit sector of Dnipropetrovsk region.

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