The project involved educational training program for those representatives of district centers of culture and libraries of Dnipropetrovsk oblast who needed knowledge and skills in management, PR, fundraising, and partnership technologies with non-governmental organizations. Thus, the project met the needs of district cultural institutions and provided assistance in their adaptation to current situation.

While implementing the project partnerships were established with most cultural institutions in the district centers of Dnipropetrovsk oblast. We created a network of 10 informational and advisory centers (IAS) on the basis of district cultural institutions, and trained 20 methodology advisers. The network of informational and advisory centers was provided with training manuals “Strategic Planning of NGO activities”, “Fundraising for NGO”, “Public and Business Relations of NGO”. The network constantly received updated informational materials about activities of the third sector in Ukraine, digests, bulletins, newsletters, programs and competitions of international foundations and donor organizations.

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