About us

Who we are

The Center "Tamarisk" -

is non-governmental organization that was established in August, 2001. Currently it is driving team of public figures and experts who are gradually implementing positive changes in the country.

Our mission

To facilitate positive changes in the lives of local communities, creating opportunities for development of people and organizations.

What we are doing

  • We support public initiatives, i.e. we provide informational, methodological, organizational and resource support. We organize interaction and information support.
  • We help civil society organizations to unite forces and to increase the effectiveness of interaction with authorities.
  • We implement comprehensive approaches to the development of local communities. We implement development programs in pilot local communities, demonstrating qualitative changes. We organize work on transfer of practical experience.

The ways we do it

  • We implement educational programs: schools, trainings, seminars, master classes, webinars.
  • We conduct group and individual consultations.
  • We organize and hold mini-grant competitions, implement regranting programs.
  • We hold communication events: presentations, conferences, round tables, forums, strategic sessions, etc.
  • We research and monitor.

For 19 years our activities have been supported